Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buffalo Bill Reservoir, Wyoming

There's a lot of amazing deformation to see just standing outside the Dam visitor's center. To the south is Rattlesnake Ridge

A basic orientation of beds

Geometry of the fault plane and folding that resulted in the deformation

Looking north, the road-cut exhibits a shear-zone feature. The Cambrian shales are truncated under the Bighorn formation, the Flathead Sandstone not present in the sequence

(formations labeled)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming

The Gros Vetre Shale; three visible kink-folds penetrate the exposed layers at this outcrop (Dead Indian Hill).

Interbedded Limestone

Trace Fossils; abundant evidence of bioturbation

Precambrian granite and the Flathead Sandstone -visible in a roadcut near Cody, Wyoming. The gap betweens formations here represents the "great unconformity" which separates the Precambrian from the Cambrian -1.2 billion years of earth's history, missing.

The Flathead Sandstone, interbedded with laminated shale.

Sharing the Thrill

I'm not a crazy rock nerd -in the traditional sense; I do maintain some dignity. But those who know me know that I have an enthusiasm for understanding earth processes and how it all works. Studying Geology brings back the thrill I felt when I was seven or eight years old, exploring and discovering new things for the first time. I wanted to start a blog for the primary purpose of sharing my Geological experiences with colleagues and past intstructors, and partly because I want my family to have a way of looking into my academic endeavors from time to time, to ensure them I haven't lost my mind -yet. A blog is also a great way to share large photo files. All the photos I post should be available in full-size download-able versions if you click on the photo. This is my way of sharing the thrill. I suppose this way of presenting the concepts I am currently studying is a good way to solidify concepts. Therein lies a selfish motivation; I knew I'd find one somewhere.
And so, for those of you still with me, please come back and visit as often as you can, and feel free to share what you find here.